Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We're Outta Here!

Lots of business movement recently: Potomac Video, Amernick Bakery, Yanyu, Bricks, Park Bench, Uno's Pizzeria, etc., and that's just Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park! And lets not forget McDonalds which, the way it looks, may never open again.

So what's happening here? Bad management? Wrong business for the area? Rent too high? One or more of these reasons may be responsible for the demise of these businesses. It's not news to say that rents are exorbitant in Cleveland Park. Any potential business owner has to know they've got to either have a bottomless pit of cash or take in huge amounts of business every month. Or both. If the rents aren't made reasonable and affordable we'll continue to have a turnover of businesses at best and a ghost strip at worst.

So what kind of business do we want in Cleveland Park? I've heard everything from a butcher's shop to a hardware store. Just no more Irish bars, OK?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Van Ness loses its Giant

The Giant at Van Ness is due to close soon for at least four months while the place is enlarged. It's not the best or biggest grocery store around -- in fact it won't be the biggest Giant around by a long shot even after the enlargement -- but it is the only show in town for many of the grocery store type items that people need. So what will Van Nessians do in the meantime?