Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ConnAve in the News

A little traffic-stopping drama in Cleveland Park this morning was all started, I believe, by a badly parked SUV blocking a lane of traffic. Who woulda thought? But something about this vehicle made the police bring the bomb sniffing dogs to give the vehicle the once over. The dogs, however, decided there was more interesting smells in a van parked nearby. That was enough to bring the bomb squad and to close down Connecticut Avenue between Porter Street and Cathedral Avenue.

I was getting ready for work this morning and the guy on the radio said, "The Cleveland Park Metro is closed!" I took that to mean no trains were passing through which is not good for me as I get on the train at Van Ness and get off at Metro Center. The voice also said shuttle buses were standing by waiting to whisk me off to Dupont Circle (via the back streets I assume).

I thought I would check the train first -- mainly because there was, of course, no sight of a shuttle bus -- and it turned out the train was the best choice. When the guy on the radio said Cleveland Park was closed, he meant closed to pedestrians because they couldn't get anywhere near the station. Trains were actually whizzing through the station.

Not only was there less drama than usual on the train -- there's usually some drama on public transportation -- but the train didn't stop at Cleveland Park or Woodley Park, thereby getting me to Metro Center even faster than usual. So what started out with me cursing public transportation at home turned out to be a decent ride on a nearly empty train.

The interesting smells from the van turned out to be some kind of cleaning solution -- it seems this can confuse bomb-sniffing dogs. Everything was back to normal a couple of hours later.

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