Monday, July 27, 2009

Schlotzky's becomes Acacia

I stuck by Schlotzky's side when lots of sandwich shop competition arrived in the neighborhood, but, alas, it was not to be and Schlotzky's departed. Now, Acacia Bistro has opened in the Schlotzky spot and it is good. A well-stocked bar (and this area could use another bar to belly up to) combines with a menu loaded with a variety of Mediterranean-based small plates plus a few big plates. Outdoor tables are also available.

Lots of small plates to choose from. There were four of us and we had meatballs, fingerling potatoes, a prosciutto, melon, mozzarella combination, and one of us had a big plate of steak and french fries. All good, all tasty, but we barely scratched the surface of the menu so we plan on returning to try other dishes. Those of you who have lived in the neighborhood for a while may remember Liliana's Trattoria in the place now occupied by the Italian Pizza Kitchen. Well, our waitress told us the owner of Acacia is Liliana's son and Liliana now makes the desserts for Acacia.

I think Acacia is a welcome addition to the area, plus they make paninis and other sandwiches which softens the blow of losing Schlotzkys. Now the Van Ness area has a good Indian restaurant (Indian Ocean) and a good Mediterranean restaurant. Let's hope they last a long time.


Anonymous said...

would like to hear more about the Indian place, looking for a new place to try that has authentic food! MeBCurious! ;)

bob said...

Well, looky here. weallbecurious.

Anonymous said...

MeBThinking you should write a review about the best Indian places in the area as MeBLiking to visit.